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  • MES specialist, developer, designer, tester
  • Project Management
  • Validation
  • Serialisation – Track & Trace


  • Christian Hansen
  • Novo Nordisk, Denmark
  • Novozymes
  • Region Hovedstaden
  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals, Denmark
  • Xellia Pharmaceuticals, USA
  • Embarcadero C++
  • Microsoft .Net (C# and VB.Net)
  • Telerik and DevExpress for improved UI
  • Devart for easy database access
  • Avera System Platform (WonderWare)
  • Avera MES (Woderware MES)
  • CIM Pharma – S3 Serialization Solution
  • LMES
  • Microsoft SQL and T-SQL
  • Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle Forms
  • Procos
  • Werum PAS-X
  • Danish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • English (Full professional proficiency)
  • German (Limited working proficiency)

Jeppe is a skilled and broad banded MES consultant with several years of experience in the field of IT projects in technical and industrial environments. He has possessed many different roles including, but not limited to: Software architect, developer, tester, instructor, product manager, technical lead and scrum master. Having spent the vast majority of the past 12 years in projects related to pharma and biotech, he is more than familiar with GxP and used to work according to the customer’s quality management systems. 

Jeppe is a reliable and conscientious person who aims for long term customer relations. He thrives the best when his IT skills, human characteristics and ability to understand the essence of the customer’s day-to-day work are combined with synergy as a result. 

Often, due to a combination of good communication skills, flair for systems integration, ability to write code as well as text and to understand the customer’s problems, Jeppe is considered a “swiss army knife” in the projects.

2021 - ongoing
2021 - ongoing

Project | PAS-X GMBR developer

• Design, configuration, and qualification of Werum PAS-X GMBR for packaging lines (Focus on integration of ERP and Automation system)
• Technical documentation and support
• Validation in TIMS

(2012) 2021 - Ongoing
(2012) 2021 - Ongoing

Project | Developer

At the Fermentation Pilot Plant and the Recovery Pilot Plant, they have two tailor made applications, both called PDI (Process Data Integration). They are used for recipe and batch management, sample planning, stock book keeping and everything else imaginable. They were initially developed over decades using Oracle databases and Oracle Forms for UI. Starting in 2012, databases where sharpened and the UI layers were migrated to C#/.Net.

2018 - 2021
2018 - 2021

Project | MES Designer, developer and author

• Design, development and qualification of a packaging line (Focus on integration to ERP and to Automation’s Line Controller)
• FDS documentation
• OQ test plans

2018 - 2019
2018 - 2019

Project | MES specialist

• MES solution for sterile processing center at. The
MES solution is used to control internal logistics.
• Participation in development and integration tests
• Instructor, ensuring that administrators and super users became familiar with
the system


Project | Developer and tester

Tailor made line server software for end-to-end packaging lines. Ongoing development and launch of the software. To a wide extent, focusing on: Part11 readiness and Serialization. The software was developed using C#/.Net and had interfaces to serialization pools, label applicators and printers, vision systems, robots and conveyor systems. Besides the development activities, participation in qualification and commissioning (Denmark and U.S.).

2012 - 2017
2012 - 2017

Project | Developer and tester

Development of Lab Execution System (LES) called AnEx. AnEx is used to support the lab technicians in their day-to-day work and has interfaces
to LIMS, misc. Analysis Systems and Sample Handling robots. Was an end to end project participant: Database (Oracle), application server (C#/.Net on IIS), front end applications (Embarcadero C++), maintaining documentation portfolio including test plans - executed tests - also on site. Became well acquainted with LIMS (LabVantage) and got very familiar with the lab technician’s tasks because testing was typically done using real life samples and diluents.

2010 - 2011
2010 - 2011

Project | Developer and tester

Development and qualification of the SAP-integration to MES (LMES). Role was, initially, developer (coding and documentation including test plans) but included, also, participation in commissioning and qualification. LMES is based on Oracle technologies.